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The Magnetfinish(MF) technology is a new mechanical process for  technical surfaces. The workpiece is positioned in a magnetic field created by a  magnetic disk. The gap is filled with magnetizable processing powder. The powder works during the process as an elastic tool. The hardness of this "tool" may be adjusted by the variation of  definite technological parameters of the process. Surfaces will be smoothed till a roughness of Ra = 0,02 micrometers. Edges will get an exactly defined and reproducable radius between 3 and 50 micrometers. With this technology it is not only possible to process magnetic  materials (e.g. HSS) but also light magnetic (e.g. carbide) and non-magnetic materials (e.g. Cermet).

Due to the drecreasing of the surface roughness and the reproducable edgerounding, the Magnetfinish technology is predestined for processing the whole variety of cutting tools. Typical examples are: Taps, endmills, drills, reamers, stamp tools etc. The process can be applied for both tools wich will get a coating layer and tools without getting coatings. Honing of the cutting edges  extends the life time and performance of tools very significant. Polishing of the flutes improves the chip flow. When the process is applied to coated surfaces just in a few seconds droplets will be removed and the coating layer will be polished. The coefficient of friction of the tool decreased considerable. Beside cutting tools also components for automotive with special requirements to its surface and complex surface structures are examples for the wide range of applications. Our engineers are continuously testing together with our customers new application areas.


- perfect separation of edge honing from polishing and deburring

- consistent quality over the complete tool length

- one gripper for all diameters

- minimal processing time

- 100% reproducable results by continiously refreshing of processing powder

- fullautomized process for different tool types ; automatic adopted parameters

- wear-free processing heads

- no choking up of the cooling channels on drills

- low cost of consumable supplies

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