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Machines MF 66

Machines MF 76

Customized Solutions


Processing Moduls

- Standard Moduls realizing MF-Technology

- For Implementing in Grinding Machines

- For Processing Components e.g. Automotive

- For further Customized Solutions

Picture 1

The compact design of the magnetfinish components allows the integration in other working machines especially grinding machines. We have developed some standard modules for finishing tip or cylinder of cuttingtools, or for finishing specific automotive components. For holding and transportation of the workpieces we are using the robot or the nc-axis of the grinding machines. The Magnetfinish modules performs the complete finishing process, inclusive the automated powder refilling and cleaning cyclus.

Picture 2

Following pictures show as examples two different types of magnetfinish integration in grinding machines:


Pictures 1-2 shows the magnetfinish process performed by two rotating magnetic discs, integrated in a compact grinding machine. After the preceding grinding process the tool stays in the clamp for the following finishing process.



collaborating robot

for any kind of pallets

robot teaching without any knowledge

ultrasonic cleaning station


Machine MFS

- Machine for Processing Circular Sawblades

- With automated Powder Refilling for 100% Reproducibilty

- Seperately controlled Processes Polishing Flankes and Honing Teeth

- Fullautomated


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